The simplest HTML & CSS editor in your browser with instant previews, for those teaching and learning how to code.

More people are starting to learn how to code via Youtube tutorials and online courses. Unfortunately, most of these tutorials still show instructors switching between their notepad, browser & refresh button.

CODECAST is a FREE and user-friendly coding playground that helps instructors record better tutorials. Instead of switching between your notepad and browser, CODECAST let’s you code and in real-time see the output. No switching between windows or hitting your refresh button. Just code and get instant feedback.

CODECAST is a playground for both instructors and students to play around with HTML & CSS code, without the unnecessary hassle. Give it a try, use it for your next screencast. You don't have to sign up. Just hit the launch button and you're good to go.

CODECAST was originally built february 8th, 2015 and launched 48 hours later by Karim Amrani - (@Jibly), and keeps getting regular upgrades and improvements. For questions, feedback, or ideas, contact me

* CODECAST works best in Chrome & Firefox.

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